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Hand-Built Coil Construction Ceramic Course (all skill levels)

Join clay and mixed media artist, Becky Crosbie, in making a unique, hand-built vessel (vase/pot) or creature. Items included in this 3-session course include clay (prepared, extruded & slab rolled), necessary tools, glazes (variety of color & texture options) and 2 kiln firings.
Becky will guide you through the process as you design and create your unique ceramic piece using a coil process. Children are welcome to enroll in the class if accompanied by an adult. Classes will be held at the gallery.

  • Session #1 June 7 (10:00-12:00) Design & draw, begin clay coil construction.

  • Session #2 June 14 (10:00-12:00) Complete construction & add decoration with tools and stamps (if desired). If time permits, consider/explore various glaze options. *At this point, pottery will dry and be bisque fired ready for next session.

  • Session #3 June 24 (10:00-12:00) Discuss & look at possible glaze options; glaze vessel.

* Your creations will be fired this week (you will be notified when they are ready), and you may pick them up at the gallery during regular gallery hours.
Total cost of the course is $45 per person and includes all of the above.
* Enrollment at least 4 days prior to first class session is required in order for all necessary materials to be prepared.
Contact info.: text (765) 721-6086 or email