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Jessica Beauchamp

Bath Omens & Kahahuna Art

I attended Columbus College of Art & Design in Ohio with a major in Time Based Media (cartoons).  I figured out very quickly that Los Angeles wasn't for me and took some time finding ways to use my art back here in Indiana.  I worked remotely for a Hollywood horror movie studio called CryptTV for six years.  This still sneaks into my work with spooky monsters and lots of skulls.  Before the pandemic, I was painting theatrical scenery for all sorts of productions, from the Lyric Opera to massive NFL stages.


When Covid took away the theater, I rediscovered joy in making my own art again.  I've made this my full-time job, traveling to conventions to present my paintings and prints and living the dream.  Find me at the Danville Farmer's Market in the summer peddling bath bombs.

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