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Congratulations to Zoe Kirages, recipient of the 2023 Gallery on the Square Art Scholarship Award.  This is the first year that the gallery his offered a scholarship.  Zoe will receive her scholarship award during the Plein Air event, August 12. 

Zoe Kirages is an artist currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She is actively pursuing her Bachelor's in Fine Art degree in Painting and currently working towards her certificate in Pre-Art Therapy at the Heron School of Art and Design.  With her previous experience as a patient of art therapy, Kirages expresses her mental health through oil painting, and hopes to one day aid patients of her own by following artistic processes.

Zoe looks for the connections between emotions and elements of art such as line, color and texture.  A red line drawn with jagged edges creates anger or stress, while a curvy, blue line suggests sadness.

Zoe's preferred medium is oil paint; however, she loves to experiment with 3-Dimensional mediums such as jewelry making, macrame, crochet, etc.  She believes that to be a successful art therapist it is vital to experiment with different artistic mediums, because sometimes emotions cannot be contained within a 2-Dimentional plane.  Creating art is Zoe's passion and helping people is her true calling.

  • Education:  Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis, Indiana (Anticipated Graduation May 2025)

    • Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting

    • Certificate in Pre-Art Therapy

  • Awards:  Darby and Jason O'Brien Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship. 

  • Exhibitions:  Herron Spring 2022 Foundations Exhibition - Indianapolis, Indiana. 

  • Skills: 

    • Software:   Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro.

    • Painting:  Oil, Acrylic, Portraiture, Still Life

    • Drawing:  Graphite, Charcoal, Conte Crayon, Portraiture, Still Life, Figure Drawing Perspective

    • Metalsmithing:  Piercing, Cold-Connection Jewelry, Annealing, Forging

    • Printmaking:  Relief, Collagraphy, Stencil

  • Memberships: International Thespian Society - Honor Thespian (9 Stars)

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