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Bob McColgin

Lapidary Artist

Bob McColgin, Avon, IN, a retired high school physics teacher and public-school administrator, has been doing lapidary work since 2012.  He cuts rocks into slabs, then roughs out individual pieces and polishes the pieces into unique cabochons/pendants.


Originally, he purchased metal bails to make each one ready to hang on chains and cords.  Since 2021 Bob has been using sterling-silver and gold-plated wire to create individualized bails for each cabochon.


He enjoys discovering the unique natural beauty in each specimen.  This has also led him to create three-dimensional mixed media pieces that include nativities, crosses and bolo ties.  No two pieces are alike.


Bob got his start by taking several lapidary classes at The FROG rock shop in Pittsboro and continues to learn.  He has sold and exhibited at the Gallery on the Square since 2018, as well as at public art fairs and juried non-profit fundraisers in Henricks, Hamilton and Jennings Counties.


Contact Bob at or 317-409-9759.

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