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Sarah Crail

Photography at its finest.

I joined the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild and Professional Photographers of America to pursue my photography education. In 2016 I earned my professional certification (CPP). By God's grace, I hope to earn my Master Photographer degree in 2021.


My love for photography began when my dad took me to my 4H meetings as a kid. We both enjoyed learning together.  As I grew older, my folks encouraged me to pursue a "marketable" degree in college. I studied education and Christian counseling.  Then I went off to teach at a Christian school overseas for the next 10 years.  When Roger and I got married, I was able to quit teaching and revisit my first love of photography.

Giving Back

One of my core values is giving back.  Generosity has been a family trait of both the Crail and Motter side of my family, and I believe that some of the most fulfilling things we can do is to be generous with others.  For that reason, I give a portion of the earnings on every job to charity or Christian missions in my client's honor each time I book a job.

In gratitude for those who have mentored me along the way,  I enjoy giving back by teaching photography workshops and serving in the Indianapolis PPA association where I currently serve as president. 

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